PISMO (Precision Intelligent Surface & modules)

PISMO enables a user to quickly configure and reconfigure from one product to another and from prototype to high volume production.   

PISMO can be included in existing enclosure designs of the end user while enabling the re-usable and re-configurable features.

PISMO includes the 3D Surface, standard and Island of Intelligence module inserts. 

Modular & precise 3D Surface

PISMO 3D surface

The 3D  Surface is a precise rigid base made up of an array of mini precision plate workspaces for robot mounting, automation assemblies, sensing, material transfers, fixturing, and parts presentation feeders.


Standard sizes from 600 X 600 mm to 1200 X 1200 mm 

Designed for high stiffness and low mass

Accuracy 60um

Repeatability 30 to 60um

Surface flatness with <100um over 600mm


PISMO modules (sample)

Camera Mount
T-Slot Mount
Configurable Blank Plate
Cable Pass Through
Precision Robot Mounting Plate

TESSCON (Centralized Safety Gateway)

A cost effective and adaptable safety standards compliant gateway to reduce automation system integration time from design to mass production. 

Simplify safety design by providing pre-designed ready to use safety compliant modules

Simplify integration – with everything connectorized using industry standard connector solutions, all is plug and automate (as opposed to Plug and Play)

Agnostic programming environment. Will work with your PC-based or PLC-based solution without special protocols, licensing fees, or proprietary development environments.


Designed in compliance with EU’s Machinery Directive and CE

Configurable safety logic

Built-in IO with programming capability

Built-in Power supply

ModbusTCP network interface standard

Ethernet/IP and Profinet capable

Compact size: 175 x 175 x 350 mm

Connectorized Enclosure

Modular enclosure to enable the 3D Work Surface and Tesscon and connectorized from top to bottom for fast wiring and safety compliance. The end user can selectany controller for PLC, IPC or components that are familiar with their prior designs,while enabling a powerful safety controller from Tessella.