Tessella Automation Inc is redefining the next generation robot automation products and peripherals for OEM’s, system integrators, contract manufactures, and robotic cell designers to meet the specific needs of factory automation driven by global consumer demands.



Our innovative product line opens OEM’s, system integrators, contract manufactures, and robotic cell  designers to meet new “adaptive robotic automation design requirements.” 

Minimal Machining with precision parts 

Re-configurable and reusable products

Off-the-shelf Automation products

Safety-in-a-box with industry standard compliance 

Connectorized robot enclosures 



Adaptive solutions for your automation needs

System Integrators


Tessella products and solutions are specially geared for System Integrators as they deal with short delivery timeframes and integrating a vast variety of components mostly dictated by the end customer.  As global competition heats up, time to manufacture and cost becomes a differentiation factor.

Tessella products address these factors from prototype to mass production. 

OEM’s and ODM’s


Small or large OEM’s  and ODM’s typically deal with a large mix of products, fast time to market and higher quality standards for product differentiations.

Tessella addresses these requirements with products geared for reuse and re-configurability along with a calibrated standard for faster deployment for automation solutions.


contract Manufacturers

With the high prevalence of electronics in all aspects of consumer, automotive and medical industries, contract manufacturers are dealing with more high mix and higher volumes and constantly trying to adapt their factories to this challenging environment.

Tessella products enable contract manufacturers to seamlessly move from prototype to high volume production and quickly reconfigure from one product to another, saving cost, time and labor.