UR Cobot Pick and Place configured with PISMO Module Plates

With a fast UR3 robot calibration setup, the module plates incorporates a Shunk EOAT, Cognex camera, Icotek cable management, this pick and place with dimension check application is done is less than an hour with no machining

mecademic 6 Axis Robot on Precision PISMO Surface

Combining the 5 um precision of the Meca500 robot with the high precision  3D Surface and module plates  of the Tessella PISMO platform, enables users to quickly configure automation solutions with minimal calibration, machining and allows for re-usability of components.


PROGRAMMING ur3 on tessella Pismo 600 platform

Combining the ultra-lightweight collaborative robot UR3e with the modularity of the Tessella PISMO 600 enables users to quickly configure and re-configure automation solutions with easy to use hardware and software